Volunteer of the month – February 2019

Volunteer of the month – February 2019

Volunteer Spotlight

Each month Retrieving Independence recognizes one of our dedicated volunteers. With a group of more than 50 active volunteers pouring love and training into our service dogs, we are forever indebted and grateful for these people!

This month we’d like you to meet Megan McDaniel McCormack.  Megan is the Volunteer Coordinator for RI, where she leads our new volunteer experience (along with being our unofficial social chair)! 

We hope you enjoy reading her story as told by Megan herself.

Tell us a bit about yourself (where you grew up, any animals that meant a lot to you, work you do, family, etc.)


Hi there! My name is Megan McDaniel McCormack. I recently got married to another fellow Retrieving Independence volunteer, Brett McCormack. I grew up in Memphis, went to college in Knoxville (Go Vols!) and now reside here in Nashville for the past 12 years. I am a sales director at Staples, love to travel, avid sports fan, animal lover and find music to be my muse. Good thing we live here in Music City right?! My very first was a cat named Mack. He forever has a special place in my heart. To honor him, I named RI graduate and local Mt. Juliet celebrity, Mack. We also named another RI dog in honor of another family pet, Murphy. I am a proud mom to 3 four-legged babies – 2 cats (Evie and Bella) and 1 dog, Murphy. Yes, the same Murphy mentioned above! And feel free to follow him at @musiccitymurphdog on Instagram!


  • How did you find out about RI?


Through one of the founding volunteers and past board member. We were talking about dogs and how I wanted to get one if I didn’t travel as much as I did for work. Her reply was “you should get involved in this new organization, Retrieving Independence. You get to furlough a dog on the weekends, love on them, take them places and give them back to the program. Perfect for your schedule.” It was! I submitted an application, started to furlough my first dog, Alice, and never looked back!




  • In what ways have you supported RI’s mission? Volunteering, fundraising, etc.


I have been an active RI volunteer for over 5 years now. I started furloughing a golden retriever from the very first graduating class and have since furloughed over 10 dogs, puppy raised 2 and now am a pup parent to RI’s male goldendoodle breeder, Murphy. I have flown 2 RI dogs amongst my travels, taken one to a Kansas City Royals baseball game, taken dogs to concerts, museums and many other cool excursions. As a RI volunteer, I have seen this program grow and the impact these dogs make in our lives, those of the recipients, their trainers and our community! I am honored to be a part of Retrieving Independence.