Success Stories

Karen & Minnie

Karen loves that she has more freedom now than she’s had since her diabetes was diagnosed 20 years old, and she can go almost anywhere with Minnie.

“If we go the grocery store and my sugar is getting out of range, she’ll bump me with her nose and spin in circles. Sometimes if we’re somewhere she knows she’s supposed to be quiet like church, she’ll just stare me down, which she just came up with on her own!”

“The other day we were in Lowe’s, and she walked up to a store employee and spun around. Sure enough, he was a diabetic and his sugar was high. He turned out to be an army veteran, and when we left, Minnie and I had made a new friend.”

Cody & Justice

When Cody lost his service dog, Wrigley, his family joined forces with his teammates at Bridgestone to raise funds to find a new partner for him.

Through an amazing outpouring of support, Cody was matched with Mack in 2017. While the two worked well together, it is always our goal at RI to find the best compatibility for both man and dog, and ultimately, Cody was introduced to Justice, who turned out to be the perfect fit for Cody.

“It was a roller coaster, to say the least,” said Cody. “I’m sad about Wrigley, but then I get this wonderful news about this new dog. It was amazing.”

Emily & Levi

Emily (Emmie for short) loves that Levi can go get help when she needs it or pick-up her phone if she drops it. He can be with her all day and all night to make sure she’s safe.

These things are all important to Emmie but the best part is his friendship.

The bond between them was instant and for her, the love she has for Levi and the unconditional love he gives back is the best part about having a service dog.

Hannah & Josie

Early on in our conversations with Hannah we asked her parents what her new service dog, Josie, would mean to her and they talked about how they hoped Josie would give their daughter more independence.

Today her dad, Mark, would tell you that he’d like to change his answer to that question. He now realizes that the most important thing Josie gives Hannah is friendship. Constant and continuous friendship.

What a beautiful gift!