Release Dogs

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Retrieving Independence (RI) has a very high rate of placement success with the dogs in our training program. On average, approximately two out of 10 dogs are “released” from the program.

Retrieving Independence service dogsRI dogs are asked to demonstrate exceptional behavior, temperament and health to do their jobs at the highest level. The reasons RI releases dogs fall into two categories: minor health and/or behavioral issues. Our industry standards do not support less than 100% capability in dog placement with people with disabilities. RI will share the specific reasons for release when dogs become available.

Release dogs are not service dogs and, therefore, do not have public access rights and are not allowed in public places unless “pet” dogs are allowed. RI is concerned about the welfare and best placement for all of our dogs, including those that are released. Before placing a release dog, RI may conduct a home visit to identify any potential issues to a successful dog placement. Should the applicant receive a release dog from RI, please be aware that we will be willing to help you work through any behavioral problems that may occur after the initial placement for a period of 60 days.

RI is a nonprofit organization and invests a considerable amount of time, training and money in all our dogs. When a release is made, a fee is paid to RI to help offset the cost of food, medical care and training invested in the dog.

Expected fee amounts will be discussed when a dog becomes available for release. Fees can vary depending on the dog’s training experience, health status and disposition, but typically ranges from $1,500.00 – $2,500.00. This payment is not tax-deductible.

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