How to Help


Through generous donors, we cover almost half the cost of these amazing service dogs. The other portion is covered by the sole fundraising efforts of the recipients. For some, this part of their financial contribution is easy to raise but for others, it is an unachievable barrier. We have deserving individuals that we can’t match with their own service dog due to lack of funding. This is where you come in.

Does your company match your donations? Do you want to donate your birthday / wedding / graduation to RI? Does your local organization want to learn more about RI and host a fundraiser?

We are available to come spread the word about this life changing work – and we come with DOGS! Contact us for more information.


This organization was built on the volunteer spirit and today is no different. Our doors would be closed if it weren’t for the dedication and love of the folks willing to give their time and training prowess to these young, rambunctious future service dogs.

Imagine potty training a puppy, only to have them move on to the prison for training after 8 weeks. Or driving every weekend to pick up a dog-in-training to be your sidekick for three days to teach them socialization and manners.

Now imagine watching them live out their purpose and serve someone’s physical needs but more importantly, their emotional needs.

That’s what our volunteers do. And we LOVE them.


The definition of an advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

The folks here at RI are beating our drum as loudly as we can but imagine if we had 100 drums, 1000 drums, 1 million drums. How many more people could we help?

Please help us spread the word about our work. We are changing lives one dog at a time.

Interact with us on social media, visit our website, share our content, and advocate for better understanding of the benefits of service dogs.

Be a loud drum for RI.

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