Donate and Change a Life

Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation

Support the training of a Retrieving Independence service dog with a recurring donation.  Your pledge can help with the following:

$20/mo. Provides toys, supplies, and treats

$45/mo. Food for a service dog in training

$75/mo. Veterinary care for a service dog in training

$125/mo. Veterinary care, food & treats for a puppy’s 1st year

$250/mo. Covers 10-day training camp for 1 recipient per year

Visit, Select Retrieving Independence as your charity, happy shopping!

If you’re interested in a different type of donation, please contact RI directly to discuss options via email or call us at 615.934.0444. Thank you!

Amazon Smile

Don’t want to give a cash donation? You can donate to Retrieving Independence another way! We always need more items for our dogs in training at Turney Center. Do some shopping at Amazon on our Wish List.