Debby Averette joined the volunteer team at Retrieving Independence in 2012. As the Veterinarian Coordinator for the service dogs in training at Turney Center, Debby manages emergency calls, inoculations and healthcare administered without a veterinarian, as well as oversees their veterinary care in Turney Center when necessary.

Additionally, she has served multiple roles with the Retrieving Independence team. She has been a training assistant at Turney Center, a puppy raiser and a puppy furlough family volunteer.

Previously, Debby was a breeder of ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherds. Debby has owned, raised and trained dogs for many years, teaching puppy classes, private pet obedience, agility and rally classes. She trained her service dog, Tidal, and currently has an RI trained dog, Claudette, who is also a breeder. Debby is also a Registered Nurse.